Accident Unit


  • Tiger Trucks body
  • Heavy duty platform
  • Hydraulic load bearing tailgate
  • 2000 Kg Second car lift with adjustable wheel frames
  • 2500 Kg Top platform

Other standard items include

  • Galvanised subframe and tilting frame
  • Large plastic chassis mounted locker
  • Chassis body locks
  • Adjustable support legs
  • Twin lift rams
  • 2 pairs of wheel reducing bars
  • Zinc passivated second car lift
  • 2 rotator beacon with an illuminated centre
  • 1 pair of flyer mounted work lamps
  • PTO and pump
  • Hydraulic tank with filter
  • 8000lb hydraulic winch
  • Twin tilt body rams
  • 12ft slide off ram
  • Lockable controls
  • 4 deluxe transporter straps
  • Full one year equipment warranty


  • There are many options available, please contact us for details.

Please note: The capacity of the equipment may not be the same as the capacity of the completed vehicle due to chassis variations and optional extras. All equipment supplied with the vehicle is subject to our normal conditions of sale. All equipment designs may vary from those illustrated in this literature and the company reserves the right to change these details at will.